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How do you get longer eyelashes | Grow your lashes naturally

grow longer lashes

Want to know how to get longer eyelashes? Are you intrigued by the secrets of how to grow your lashes naturally?

Not everyone is blessed with the gift of long, voluptuous lashes. In fact, very few women are satisfied with the length of their eyelashes, and constantly seek out lash lengthening products in a desperate attempt to make their eyelashes longer naturally. Women with short or brittle lashes want to know how to get longer lashes without using invasive procedures or harmful chemicals.

Long eyelashes are a symbol of natural beauty and are an asset to any woman. It is no wonder why women of all ages try both natural and chemical procedures to help increase the length of their lashes. Believe it or not, there is actually a very scientific reason behind a woman’s desire for longer lashes.

It is thought that thick, long eyelashes (which act as a frame to the eyes) are a sign of youth. And since youth suggests good genes and ultimately fertility, it is said that men are (albeit subconsciously) attracted to women with longer eyelashes.

Of course there are several other characteristics which make up a woman’s beauty, so don’t get down on yourself if you are not one of the “lucky” ones who was genetically gifted with long lashes. However, it is interesting to know that our desire for longer eyelashes has a pretty scientific and evolutionary basis behind it!

Fake eyelashes and cheap mascaras that promise to increase the length of your lashes are usually only a temporary solution to a long-term problem. Additionally, improper use of fake eyelashes and mascara can actually damage your eyelashes over time (to learn more about the proper application of mascara without getting those unattractive mascara clumps, click here).

So how do you get longer eyelashes naturally, you ask? There are several tips and tricks that you can try if you’re one of those women who is dissatisfied with her lash length.

How To Grow Your Lashes Naturally

Over the years, a number of natural lash-lengthening tips have been suggested. We will discuss those ideas now and let you know the truth behind some proposed lash-lengthening methods.

Use a Lash-Lengthening Gel

For results that are both quick and effective, consider trying a lash boosting gel. Some are clinically proven to not only grow and lengthen your eyelashes, no matter how short they may be, but also to condition and protect your lashes so that they’re strong, bold, and beautiful! And perhaps best of all, some Lash Gels are made from natural products and are paraben-free! Make sure you only uses these types. That unlike other lash-lengthening serums, you will not experience any irritation. By using these Lash Gels, you will be nourishing your eyelashes with essential proteins, vitamins, and other rejuvenating ingredients that will help to not only grow your lashes, but also give them elasticity, moisture, and a gorgeous shine. Simple apply the lash serum to your eyelashes once or twice daily, or even just once before bed (but after you’ve removed your makeup, of course!). You will soon notice that you eyelashes are longer, thicker, and healthier looking.

Do Oils and Vitamins Really Work to Grow Your Lashes?

Many women apply natuNatural oils for lash growth and brow enhancementral lubricants to their eyelashes at night in order to promote lash growth. The most common natural lubricants used include olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil, and petroleum jelly. While these oils have proved to be successful for lash growth in some women, most women find applying oil to their lashes before bed both irritating to the eyes and annoying in the sense that the oils stain their pillow cases during sleep. Of course it’s up to you whether or not you want to try this method, as no real harm can come from using oils on your lashes. However, I personally find that natural lubricants are more of a pain than they’re worth. If you want to give it a try however, make sure you’re only applying a small dab of your chosen oil to your lashes, and do so in the evening after you’ve removed your makeup from that day. Gently massage the oil into your lashes, and run a clean eyelash brush or comb through them after you’ve applied the oil. Be sure to rinse your eyes in the morning with warm water before you apply any more makeup to your lashes.

Food for Lashes?

It sounds like a no-brainier, which is probably why most people overlook it, but proper nutritionHealthy foods promote lash and brow growth is essential if you are trying to grow hair anywhere on your body – including the eyelashes! Make sure you’re eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins in order to promote lash growth. Have you ever noticed that your nails are brittle and easily broken when you’re not eating right? The same is true for your eyelashes. If you don’t give your body the nutrients it requires in order to function optimally, it will not help to grow your nails or your hair – eyelashes and eyebrows included.

Less is More!

less is more when it comes to eye makeup and lash growthA cliché, however, in this instance it happens to be true! Less is more when it comes to makeup. Not only do your eyes just look heavy and weighed down if you apply a ton of makeup to them, but this is also not very healthy for your eyelashes. In fact, caking on the eye shadow and applying large gobs of mascara to your lashes can actually damage them! And forget the eyelash curler – it just adds to the problem of damaging your already-brittle lashes. We already lose about four eyelashes per day naturally, so why add to this number by going heavy on the eye makeup and using a lash curler? Do your eyelashes a favor and skip the makeup when it’s not necessary. Just like your skin needs to breathe and have a day or two without any pore-clogging concealer, so do you eyelashes! In time, you will notice that your eyelashes will grow naturally and without all that excess makeup on them.

Invest in a Good Eye Makeup Remover

I used to be one of those girls who went to bed after a long night out with my eye makeup still on. Help promote lash growth by properly cleaning eyelids Aside from leaving behind hard-to-remove black stains on my pillowcases and having mascara smudges under my eyes when I woke up the next morning, I was actually damaging my precious lashes. Don’t skip out on removing your makeup at night – particularly your mascara. Mascara coats the lashes and dries them out, making them more likely to split and break during your nightly tossing and turning. Make a point to remove your makeup every single night before bed, and invest in a good eye makeup remover that contains natural ingredients such as aloe or chamomile. Another tip: don’t aggressively rub your eyelids and lashes with your eye makeup remover. Aside from irritating the delicate, thin skin under the eyes, you’re also tearing out your eyelashes! A gentle wipe will do the trick.


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